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Corsé Coffee
The Hard Workers' Coffee

Our coffee has purpose: get us through the day. Help us push through to the end of a hard long day of work, and then at home, and then all over again the next day!

We have crazy days, and busy lives. We have tough jobs, work long hours, with often unpredictable schedules. Our coffee blends are specially blended to achieve the desired kick or boost to get things done. We like our coffee strong. Strong to the core. And our highly-caffeinated coffee does just that. It works for us, and we have a feeling will work for you too. Try it for yourself - this is no joke coffee!
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"The Overtime Coffee"

  • Chocolate, tobacco, brown spices
  • Mild to Medium
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"The 12-Hour Shift Coffee"

  • Dark chocolate and smokiness
  • Mild acidity

French for “Strong” Coffee, Corsé Coffee is an unmatched coffee with special beans specially selected to combine a highly caffeinated coffee blend with a very unique intense and pungent flavor, and the best crema.

For those with strong coffee in mind, try our distinguished highly caffeinated coffee. Unlike most coffees, and like good wine, they taste better with time.

They have the taste. They have the punch. No unnecessaries extras, this is a no joke experience. After all, it's in the name! We love coffee, just like you. Ours gets the stuff done for less.

Another characteristic of our coffee is that it gets better with time. It develops great flavor after about 7 days post roast. 

If you like a "earthy" coffee, look no further.
- Robert, 7/12/17
One of the most amazing coffees I have ever tasted. It has a taste and aroma like no other. I now make sure that I never run out, lol! It is a smooth brew with a hint of chocolate at the finish. I recommend using heavy cream to add a nice texture and flavor. It is also perfect for Irish Coffee!
- Abhishek, 3/4/19

We love our strong coffee. It tastes delicious and gives us the much needed boost to get the JOB DONE! 


Standard US orders usually ships in 3-5 days


Not your typical coffee. 

Unique smell. Unique beans.  Unique color