Corsé Coffee was created by a busy active mom and caring wife for whom coffee has always been a must have in the household to get through the day. However, they've always had trouble finding THE one. She started creating her own blends for their personal consumption. Friends and family always found them to be "too strong". It is not until she was commissioned by other hard workers like herself to take this public, that she decided to launch Corsé Coffee.

"Our coffee has a purpose: get us through the day. Push through till the end of a hard long day of work, and then at home, and then all over again the next day!

We have crazy days, and busy lives. We have tough jobs, work long hours, with often unpredictable schedules. 

Our coffee blends are specially curated to achieve the desired kick or boost to get things done. 

We like our coffee strong. Strong to the core. And our highly-caffeinated coffee is just that. 

It works for us, and we have a feeling it will work for you too. Try it for yourself - this is no joke coffee!"

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